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Leo Nozeika Joins New Energy Equity as Chief Financial Officer


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity announces that Leo Nozeika has joined the company as chief financial officer. Nozeika has extensive experience with solar company financial management and solar project financing, having served in senior financial roles at leading renewable energy companies. “Leo’s deep knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry means that we are getting a huge talent on our team, reinforcing our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget in the solar market,” said Ian Palmer, CEO, New Energy Equity.


Multiple Community Solar Gardens Completed in Minnesota in 2017


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed numerous community solar projects in Minnesota, continuing to take a leading role in the increasing use of solar throughout the state. As part of Xcel Energy’s community solar initiatives, solar gardens were created in numerous locations, offering small and large commercial businesses a chance to subscribe to a nearby solar project.

First Community Solar Project Completed for New Energy in New York State


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed a community solar project in Enfield, NY, to bring electricity cost-savings and carbon savings to the area, the Company’s first community solar project in the State of New York. A community solar project enables residents and small commercial customers to receive the benefits of solar energy even if they do not have the rooftop or land to host the project.

Solar Project Completed for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed a solar project for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) in Lebanon, NH. The roof-mounted project is designed to help the DHMC adopt clean energy and also save money on energy costs. “We are happy to see this roof-mounted project at the medical center, and help them save on energy costs while continuing their commitment to sustainability,” said Matt Hankey, President, New Energy Equity.


Significant Solar Portfolio Completed in New York State under NYSERDA Program


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed multiple solar projects totaling 10 megawatts in the state of New York for a variety of school districts and municipalities. The projects, undertaken as part of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) program, included solar installations for the Camden, NY, Central School District (2,442 kW); the City of Canandaigua, NY (2,500 kW); the Letchworth Central School District, in Gainesville, NY (1,602 kW); Madison County, NY (2,442 kW); and the Village of Clifton Springs, NY (350 kw).

Solar Project Completed in Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Energy Innovation Corridor


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed a solar project in the Energy Innovation Corridor of Minneapolis-St. Paul, installing four roof-mount solar projects for four office buildings. The corridor is located along the region’s public transportation light rail system, where numerous renewable energy initiatives and smart technologies are showcased. “We are pleased to help enable environmental energy savings in the urban setting of Minneapolis-St.

Significant Solar Project Completed for Delran Township, NJ, Schools


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed a solar project with Delran Township, NJ, to install solar arrays on several school locations for sustainability and cost savings. The company worked closely with the Delran Board of Education to complete the 2,066-kilowatt project. “We are pleased to have installed throughout multiple rooftops and unused grounds of the schools enough solar capacity to significantly offset their energy spending, reducing the district’s costs by as much as 10 percent annually,” said Ian Palmer, CEO, New Energy Equity.


Solar Project Completed at Volvo Manufacturing Plant in Maryland


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed a solar project for one of the principal manufacturing plants of Volvo Trucks USA. The project enabled the Volvo facility, located in Hagerstown, MD, to offset nearly one-half of its grid use of electricity, making the plant one of the leading sustainability manufacturing operations in the state of Maryland. “We are pleased to complete this project with Volvo Trucks USA, and help support the company’s commitment to clean energy,” said Ian Palmer, CEO, New Energy Equity.


John Langhus Joins New Energy Equity as Vice President


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity announces that John Langhus has joined the company as vice president of business development and general counsel. Langhus has extensive experience both as a lawyer and as an oil and renewable energy executive. He has directed initiatives on several continents during his career, working in Australia, South Africa, and the U.S. He will help lead New Energy Equity through all aspects of project acquisition, due diligence, and closure.

Solar Project Enables Students in Bartow County, Georgia, to See Sustainable Energy in Action


Annapolis, MD – New Energy Equity completed a solar project in Cartersville, GA, working with the Bartow County School District and a Georgia Power solar program. The 655-kW project is located on several acres of land at the Bartow County College and Career Academy. “We are pleased to bring this solar project to Bartow County, giving students and the community the chance to see sustainability firsthand,” said Ian Palmer, CEO, New Energy Equity.



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