Partner With Us

Our management team has led development projects in solar, telecom, and construction sectors for over 25 years, bringing best practices from various industries to expand the use of solar and renewable energy in the United States. Our professionalism, expertise, and entrepreneurial hands-on approach ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and with returns to all parties meeting or exceeding expectations. New Energy Equity values the industry and financial relationships that have been built through a history of successful transactions, and we recognize the benefits of these close partnerships for everyone.

Our investor partners work closely with New Energy Equity to optimize the return on their energy investments. Through our knowledge of financial modeling and renewable energy expertise, the return on investment is high, low risk, and predictable. Other industry partners who work closely with New Energy Equity include Engineering, Planning, and Construction (EPC) companies, utilities, and project developers.

New Energy Equity wants to partner with similarly committed professionals and businesses; contact us at if your company is in need of financing for your solar project, you have a project that would benefit from a partnership, or if you are looking to invest in a solar project.