HiWay Federal Credit Union

HiWay Federal Credit Union

New Energy Equity installed this 51.68 kW solar array at Hiway Federal’s new branch in Roseville, MN. The panels will produce roughly 60,982 kWh per year, enough to power five average Minnesota homes. Over 30 years the solar panel system will offset over 1,428 tons of CO2, the equivalent of adding over 1,587 acres of trees to our forests.

Hiway Federal Credit Union was founded in 1931 to serve employees of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). They’ve since expanded their charter and now extend an invitation for membership to individuals and small business within the seven-county metro area. Today, from their offices in St. Paul, MN, Hiway serves over 79,000 members worldwide and totals over $1.5 billion in assets.

As a part of our partnership with American Forests, New Energy will assist in the planting of 51 trees, one for each kW of solar included in this project.

Solar worked for Hiway Federal Credit Union. Interested in how solar can work for you? Contact us today to get started and learn how solar can work for your business.

  • System Size: 52 kW
  • Installation Type: Roof Mount
  • Completion Date: November 2021
  • Location: Roseville, MN
  • Host Customer: Hiway Federal Credit Union
  • Role: Developer
  • Contract Type: Direct Purchase