Why Solar?

Nearly Endless Benefits of Solar

With increased solar panel efficiency, lower installation costs, and the promise of lower electricity rates, the solar industry is the fastest growing renewable energy industry in the world. New Energy Equity works to ensure that as many customers as possible can benefit from a solar project and enjoy the advantages of solar energy.


The benefits of solar energy far surpass saving 10% [on average] on your electrical bill. Use electricity with a clear conscience knowing you are taking a efforts in reducing your carbon footprint.

Government entities qualify for solar incentive programs offering tax credits, and MACRS Accelerated Depreciation for renewable energy installations. Many states now require that a certain percentage of their overall energy be produced from renewable sources.

Entire communities can benefit from solar too, with community solar projects. Offering electricity savings for everyone, community solar projects utilize otherwise unused land by sharing the power generated between all residents.

Flat property is the best environment for solar panels to be laid out, and will be the most efficient at collecting solar energy. If you are a land owner, that owns more than 2 acres of property near utility lines, or substations you would be a good candidate for a solar farm. Other conditions that make the property desirable would be if there is a fairly new roof that is facing south, and that your property is in a state with good solar incentives.

Have the sun produce residual revenue for you and your company by partnering with solar electricity buyers. New Energy Equity focuses on the successful completion of mid-size to large commercial, and small utility scale solar projects, appropriate for any entity spending in excess of $50,000 per year in electricity.