Community Solar

A Growing Trend

Community Solar Gardens are a growing trend, and it’s easy to see why. They give urban customers, smaller businesses, and residential customers an opportunity to buy solar power without having solar installations on their own land. For example, if a 1-megawatt project is installed, instead of the benefit going to one client, 100 different customers may benefit from the renewable energy source. New Energy Equity has run numerous community solar projects and is at the cutting edge of this trend.

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Electricity Savings for Everyone

Even without land or an appropriate roof, a company or institution can gain the benefit of solar power by participating in a community solar project. Often called a community solar garden, these projects provide a way to support a renewable energy source and be an active green energy advocate. But the benefit is about more than just feeling good. Community solar projects help customers save money because the electricity rate is set at a price lower than conventional grid sources. New Energy Equity sees this double benefit of lower electricity cost and support of green energy with each community solar project it completes.