ERIK’S Bike Board Ski

ERIK’S Bike Board Ski

Since the company’s founding in 1977, ERIK’S Bike Board Ski and owner Erik Saltvold have understood the importance of combining smart business practices with smart environmental ones. As planning began for their new warehouse and headquarters in Minneapolis, they looked for opportunities that met both criteria and solar fit the bill.

“Owning our new facility, versus renting as we’ve done in the past, has allowed us to dream bigger about how we want to impact our community and the earth” said Erik. “Using solar power and becoming more energy efficient was a simple and easy choice, especially with the support of Impact Power Solutions [now New Energy Equity]. Not only does it help our bottom line, but we also know we are having a positive impact on the environment.”

This new facility will allow ERIK’S and its 500+ employees to keep up with the growing demand for bikes, snowboards, downhill skis, skateboards and scooters, while having a positive environmental impact in the process.

Utilizing Incentives

The City of Minneapolis Green Cost Share Program offers matching funds for properties undertaking an energy efficiency, solar, or innovative pollution reduction project. ERIK’S utilized this program to increase the financial impact of their project while helping the City of Minneapolis meet its sustainability goals.

Steve Oman, a National C&I Developer at New Energy Equity, believes the program impacted the decision making process. “ERIK’S always had the intent to integrate solar into their new headquarters. The financials with the Green Cost Share program just made it easier to say yes.”

Erik Saltvold agrees. “The Cost Share Program was key to making this a financially viable project.”

A Seamless Process

As ERIK’S evaluated solar energy for their business, they considered the impact it would have on their infrastructure, the environmental benefits, and the economic payback.

It was important that the installation of the solar system didn’t interfere with normal operations. “IPS [New Energy Equity] made the process of installing solar on our warehouse seamless” said Erik. “Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and communicative. From initial planning to completion, they managed the project perfectly.”

Would Erik recommend solar to others in her industry? “Definitely! If a business owns real estate, this is an easy way to do their part to limit their environmental impact.”

A Beautiful Recipe

At the facility’s June 2021 ribbon cutting, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey remarked “This facility creates a beautiful recipe of environmental sustainability, of jobs, of economic inclusion, doing all of that work all at once. I want to give a big thank you to ERIK’S, to all of the employees and the staff, who are creating a business and facility that is emblematic of everything that Minneapolis is pushing for.”

  • System Size: 215 kW
  • Installation Type: Roof Mount
  • Completion Date: June 2021
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Host Customer: ERIK'S Bike Board Ski
  • Role: Developer
  • Contract Type: Direct Purchase