Vendors and Technology

Solar Options

At New Energy Equity, we know there are many choices when it comes to solar industry vendors and technology. The solar industry is advancing at a fast pace, and it is more important than ever to work with the best vendors and the most reliable technology.


Solar Power,
Economic Advantages

The boom in the solar industry has resulted in a wide range of quality when it comes to the various elements involved in a solar project – from the manufacturers of the solar panels and the electronic components, to the installers. New Energy Equity works exclusively with Tier 1 vendors, which are recognized by industry entities as the highest quality vendors. The common thread among all Tier 1 solar vendors is their dedication to high quality, efficiency, and best industry practices.

Understanding Advanced Solar Technology

Advances in solar technology are continually creating more efficient solar panels and electronic components at a high level of reliability. New Energy Equity’s experienced staff includes engineers and electricians with a detailed, hands-on, working knowledge of advanced solar technology. We use components and products from the most technologically advanced companies and the highest quality products.