Development Partners

Maximizing the Impact of Our Projects

Land, utility, and electricity off-taker development work are the foundations of a solar project, and we look for partners with extensive development expertise and a commitment to all critical project parameters, as well as the importance of sustainable energy projects for our future. To ensure the success of the development phase of a solar project, New Energy Equity sources financing from private, public, and institutional investors with whom we have successful long-term relationships. As an end-to-end project team that has experience handling all aspects of the development process, New Energy Equity can work with your organization to guarantee a successful and beneficial transaction for all parties involved – regardless of project complexity or challenges.

Taking Solar Energy Development to the Next Level

Identifying a land opportunity for a solar project is just the beginning. New Energy Equity works with developers to take the opportunity forward by helping with engineering, procurement, utility negotiations, financing and construction – all the way through to completion of the solar project. If you have a project that you’d like to discuss with us, please contact us so that we can better understand the opportunity.

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