Extensive Experience

Over 25 Years Managing Solar Projects

At New Energy Equity, we know firsthand the complexity of bringing a solar energy project from dream to reality. Our management team has led development projects in solar, telecom, and construction sectors for more than 25 years, bringing best practices from various industries to expand the use of solar and renewable energy in the United States. Our professionalism, expertise, and entrepreneurial hands-on approach ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and with returns to all parties meeting or exceeding expectations.

Our team is the single most important element in our success. On our staff, we have NABCEP®-certified engineers, master electricians, land developers, program managers, legal professionals, and financial experts. By doing it all in-house, we have successfully completed solar projects for clients as diverse as corporations, utilities, school districts, municipalities, commercial housing, and more. With extensive and diverse experience in creating solar projects across many markets, we welcome every chance to help create America’s solar infrastructure.


More than 150 Successful Solar Projects

The variety of solar projects that New Energy Equity has completed speaks to the importance of our end-to-end solution. We know from experience that the only way to get all aspects of a complex solar project completed on time and on budget is to control every piece of the process. That’s how we were able to complete more than 150 projects across the country in less than five years. We’ve done solar projects for small cities, utility companies, apartment buildings, churches, towns, and counties. We’ve also delivered a project for one of the country’s largest truck manufacturers and one of the largest school districts in the U.S. Different customers across the spectrum have all counted on our team to get their solar project completed on time and according to all agreements.

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More than 250 Megawatts and Growing

Every solar project’s size is rated by kilowatt or megawatt, and New Energy Equity has completed projects totaling over 250 megawatts, an impressive accomplishment in less than ten years. We like to think of the projects not only by kilowatt, but by impact: the 1.2 megawatt project that helped a city reduce emissions and lower electricity costs; the 5 megawatt community solar project that delivered electricity to schools and municipalities in Minnesota; the 80-kilowatt project that enabled a neighborhood group in Hawaii to be sustainable; and the 40-kilowatt project that helped a Midwestern church reduce its power bill. With experience adding up to more than 250 megawatts, New Energy Equity is at the top of the solar project developers working in the country today.

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Across the USA – from Hawaii to New England

New Energy Equity has worked on solar projects as far west as Hawaii and as far east as New Hampshire, and in more than a dozen states in between. That means we have extensive experience in completing solar projects with many variables

  • Experienced across a wide range of geography
  • Familiarity with many land types
  • Knowledgeable about climate factors
  • Proven success with numerous permitting authorities
  • Experienced with government entities
  • Informed about legal practices and incentives state by state

No matter where we are working and with what local partners, our in-house experts provide the extensive experience – land development and permitting, engineering and sourcing of equipment, installation and construction management, and project financing – that keeps solar projects on track.

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